Hello on the ministry blog of Chersunov family!

Our main purpose and work from God is to make a posibility for each student to know Christ and Christianity.

Another words, the purpose of our ministry may tell like this: Each students should know PERSONALLY even one christian who trully believe and follower of Jesus Christ and filled with Holy Spirit


Short video with our vision and calling (3 minute video)

In this video we try to explain some details about us and our family, about Saint Petersburg. If you want to know more we can arrange our meeting by skype - feel free to ask us at Daniel and Ksenia Chersunov - Cherdak2006. Also feel free to call us at our US number 936 208 90 93 Daniel

Prayer letter jan-march 2014

What are the vacation options for a missionary family?

Three best offers of this winter!

- Go to the seaside – from the winter into the summer

- try and enjoy the rainy winter

- go to a camp for handicapped children

We chose the last option.

Though to be completely honest, I need to say that part of the winter break we did spend on the seaside… but that was on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Estonia.

Camp “Butterfly” is a very special place. Special kids with rich spiritual world and special dreams and plans attend it. How about you? Do you have plans for year 2014? What are you planning to do?

These kids want to ‘learn to stand and walk’. They literally dream of walking.

Most of the kids have some form of cerebral paralysis and can only move around in a wheel chair. Most of them stay home. Most of them do not believe in Jesus just like their parents.

In the winter camp «Butterfly», the kids come with their parents, brothers and sisters.

The main topic for this year was ‘5 love languages’.

The kids feel happy in the camp. This is the only place where they can play hokey, attend a ball or do some craft. This is a place where they are exposed to God’s love and they can learn about how God accepts them the way they are.

We were asked to organize the time for the parents.

Besides fellowshipping over tea, playing games, doing craft for moms and hokey for the dads, we had a discussion on true love and on God’s love for people. Everyone felt safe enough to share their opinion, they heard the Gospel, and many of them heard it for the first time in their lives.

We made friends with several parents and are planning to regularly meet with them. Please join us in praying for their salvation.

That was our vacation.

Now we are back to work.

Big projects were back in the 90s and it has seems the time is gone! However,

We’re working with the Russian Orthodox church on a project called ’40 days in the Word’. The idea is to have every Christian in St. Petersburg give their nonbelieving relatives and friends a New Testament with a DVD version of the Jesus film. The next step is to invite them to a Bible Study or church. We were surprised when we met one of the main priests in the Fedorovsky Cathedral. We have not met people so interested in evangelism and discipleship for quite a while in any of the churches. “Please come and teach our people. We will make a list of people who want to give out the copies of the Bibles, so you can pray for these people and we can track down their spiritual growth, asked the head priest. We are constantly looking for such opportunities; however, these people came to find us.

Please pray that:

Every person in St. Petersburg would know at least one faithful follower of Jesus Christ,

That the parents from the Butterfly camp would make a decision to follow Christ

The project with the Russian Orthodox Church would bring many fruit for God’s kingdom;

God would take care of the needs of our families
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