Hello on the ministry blog of Chersunov family!

Our main purpose and work from God is to make a posibility for each student to know Christ and Christianity.

Another words, the purpose of our ministry may tell like this: Each students should know PERSONALLY even one christian who trully believe and follower of Jesus Christ and filled with Holy Spirit


We had great bicycle trip to Estonia! | October 2015

Only 8 strong men join to our bicycle trip in Estonia. We traveled about 50 km on the first day and fininshed our day with russian steam-bath ("banya" in russian). Our estonian friend was very pleased for our group.

So, here's photos and video:

1. Our start point was in Narva. We were fresh and easy-going. :)

2.We finished our first day with russian steam-bath ('banya"). So after this we fel ourselves as newborn people! :) Even after 1 day of riding on bike!

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